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Octonauts Card Games

Kid's Cards Games are perfect for playing with family or friends and ideal for travelling. Each game introduces kids to memory and social skills while enhancing their reading and communication. A great way to spend quality time together!

  • OCTONAUTS ABOVE & BEYOND - The Octonauts crew of eight adorable animals explores the ocean to learn and discover. From their undersea Octopod base, these friends are always ready for new adventures! Each set features cards with the Octonauts characters that kids will love!
  • THREE CARD GAME PACK - This three-pack includes Flappity Flippers, Jumpin’ Jellyfish and Explore! Rescue! Protect! Kids Card Games featuring all your favourite Octonaut characters! Sturdy, Glossy Cards that are made with durable thick card stock and just the right size for children’s hands making them easy to hold and play.
  • EXPLORE! RESCUE! PROTECT! CARD GAME - Shuffle the cards and place them face down, each player takes a turn to flip over two cards, if they match they get to keep them if they don’t the cards must be flipped back over and the next player takes a turn. The game is over when all cards have matched the player with the most cards WINS! A great game for developing memory skills!
  • FLAPPITY FLIPPERS CARD GAME - Deal the cards to all players, match as many pairs as you can and place them face down. Each player takes turns pulling a card from another player, continuing to match card pairs. But don’t be caught with Professor Inklings’ card at the end! The player with the most pairs WINS!
  • JUMPIN’ JELLYFISH CARD GAME - Each player is dealt 5 cards and the remaining cards are placed in the centre of the play area. Each player will ask another for cards until they match 4 with the same creature. The player with the most cards WINS the game!

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